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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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big race. we'll be live. >> you know it will be dry, so consider yourself warned. and we know how long george huguely will be in prison for the murder of yeardley love. >> first, want to give you this update on the breaking news we first delivered to the centers for disease control has confirmed that our state as its first death reported as a result of the west nile virus. kelly swoope has the very latest. kelly? >> the department of health and human services won't tell us when and where, very few details. this is the first person to die, so far, in maryland. a total of 12 people have gotten sick. nationwide more than 1500 have gont the disease. 66 died. texas had the most with an outbrake that sickened more than 700 people and left 30 dead.
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we got a special section on devoted to all the information about the virus. you can find everything from a list of symptoms to store ris-- stories. just check on the west foil story. we'll continue to update you on any new cases of the virus. kelly swoope, abc2 news. back to you. >> it's so important on how to protect the family from the west nile virus. fact, next week, milford mills will be sprayed at 7:30 at night. you can improve your odds of avoiding the voirs by spraying yourself while outside and using any repellent with deet. although mosquitoes can bite any
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time, when they happen, they happen between sun down and dawn. former university of virginia lacrosse player george huguely has been sentenced for the murder of cockeysville native yeardley love. christian schaffer is live outside the courthouse where huguely was sentenced. what's the latest? >> reporter: 23 years in prison. the jury's recommendation had been 26 years. virginia's sentencing guidelines are below this so he knocked a couple years off the sentence. the judge knocking those two years off the 25 years and he said the one-year should run concurrently for that. we heard from george huguely him self. he addressed the mother and sister of yeardley love and said i am so sorry for your loss and
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hope and pray you will find peace. we heard from several, you might say are character witness, stalking about some of the good things george huguely had done before this and a priest who had back meeting with george huguely in jail talking about what he's been like since that happened. we heard people talk about violent incidents, showing that the murder of yeardley love was in the an isolated incident but a pattern leading up to that. we asked the prosecutor with he thought about that 23-year sentence. >> all i see is loss. it will be that way forever. it's such a rough approximation,
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which is -- >> we i thaiz george was convicted of a crime inconsistent with the facts and received a penalty inconsistent with what the evidence would require. mr. huguely will appeal the conviction. he will appeal his sentence. >> reporter: you heard there even with the sentence being knocked down his defense team is planning to appeal that second-degree murder conviction. we did not hear from yeardley love's mother and sister but they thanked the prosecutor dave chapman and said quote we find no joy in other's sorrow. we plan to work dim jptly through the one love foundation to prevent this from happening to another family. here in charlottesville, virginia, the sentence was reduced from 26 years to 23
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years. >> all right. you will cross that bridge when you come to it. the bay bridge is safe for you to cross. had a scare earlier this week when workers felt the bridge moving, then the heart of downtown. so is all this traffic trauma worth it for the big races in let's get a fast preview with roosevelt leftwich. >> reporter: there's still a lot going on even though no one's moving up and down pratt street. a lot of people are taking advantage of the open roadway. this has been the big attraction, trying to get an idea of the feel so they can synchronize the cars so they do well on the track.
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there's aot of urgency in the air. they tried to get the last-minute prep items. they tried to get more access to folks. so folks can come in, go to the race and did over to the harbor, go to little italy, do over to the rusty sup are, bells point and federal to spread the welt, so to speak, from this hundred thousand plus crowd. the crows were out here taking a look at the -- crews were out here taking a look at the track. >> what it took to put on a good race and they did a fantastic
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job. it's a very physical track, very bumpy and had its challenges. i think we all enjoyed it. we're grateful to be coming back this year. >> reporter: one of the things they did talk about was the fact they like the fact that baltimore being a street course, there are a lot of big turns and challenges like the tracks at howard street here in the middle of pratt, they're trying to make sure they can adapt to the changes. you're driving well over 100 miles an hour, 150 on the straightway, so they have to make sure they're careful. they'll have a family fun zone. you were able to get into the convention center, see them tinker around. it's almost like a hands on experience. solve, you and i can't drive these cars. i'd love to drive one of those.
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>> listen, i've sewn you in rush hour. now we know more about what to expect from the race. how about an in-depth look at how it will affect our commute. lauren cook has more. >> reporter: well, the grand prix has is the down many roads. it's shut down between martin luther king boulevard and pratt street, so traffic is being diverted on to mlk and closed from mlk to pack card street. light street will be heavily affected. your best bet is to use public transportation. for a complete list of the road closures, go to i'm lauren ck with your time save -- cook with your time saver traffic. >> road trippers are going to be traveling all around this year. baltimore will be packed.
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aaa said we're expecting a 3% bump in travel with more than 650,000 of you on the roads. thank goodness you have ed pass. >> it is surprising sense gas prices are high. what we find with these long holiday weekends is auto tends to be the primary choice of travel. >> major impact on gas prices. refinery closings have caused a drop. maryland $3.79 an average. on tuesday the bay bridge was shut down for a safety check, so it's time to check in with don harrison to see if the bay bridge is ready to labor this weekend. >> reporter: this is what happens when will are problems on the bay bridge. maryland's transportation authority closed the bridge to inspect the problem. they determined it was tarps
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being used. the bridge passed inspections and showed no damage. he drove over the bridge so he could take his kayak under the bridge. >> it was clear. traffic flowed fine, went right through. >> i do not like the traffic. >> reporter: they estimate more than 347,000 people will cross the pay bridge this weekend. maryland transportation authorities suggest you plan your trip off the peak times. they say for the holiday weekend friday goes before 10 a.m. and sunday before 10 a.m. and after 10 p.m. if you don't have to go over the bridge, maybe you can use the bridge for something else like eric. >> i'm going to find a spot in
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the shade and pull my boat under the shade and just fish. >> so if you are doing to be one of the 300,000 people -- 350,000 people who travel over the bay bridge, leave early, pack what you need and bring patience. you may need it. >> he's crossed that bridge 79,000 times in a month. you're looking live at the traffic. go to our traffic page at, but enough about the traffic. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart with a look at what kind of weather we can expect. in the story we saw nothing but blue skies. the weather has been remember active to our south here. obviously, we've been fine
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across maryland. no problem at all, but isaac is continuing to move inland and will dump heavy rain, more than two feet. now tropical depression isaac. back here it has been dry, sunny and clear. you see the numbers in the low 80s, middle river 84. warmer in bel air. 82 in cambridge and for the rest of the outlook down to 70. 60s by first thing tomorrow morning. we'll talk about things will heat up. that's coming up. you're trying to get back into your school. that means homework, practicing. don't forget about dinner. linda so tells us how to put healthy meals in the mix.
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call this number to learn how to cook knew triious meals. just head to slash facebook. while you're on, you can also get a sneak preview of what to expect from katie couric's new show starting monday september the 10th. that is a week away from this coming monday. katie will air at 4:00. we'll have more as she gets ready for her big day bow right here in all the.
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>> got a lot to talk about don't you? eye think the worst has passed with isaac. >> we got races this weekend. i think we're looking good for most of the holiday. you're going to the beach. you look good. labor damon day is one concern. >> how do mid-90s sound? >> ill a take it -- i'll take it. >> we think we can get there tomorrow. >> get that short sleeve dress shirt ready and the clip on tie. death muggy are than it has been. fantastic weather. always a beautiful vow at the meety seven -- severn river.
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a lot of people headed this way. sunday night into monday could be a slightly different story. right now current temperatures in the mid to low 80s. 81 in''. just checking out the camera. the dry air is to get pushed further north we're looking good in the mid-atlantic states but not so much in the deep south where we have continued flooding rains spiraling in off the gulf coast. even though isaac has been downgraded to a tropical depression, flooding rains will be a concern in the saturated areas that have received one to two feet of rain in southern mississippi and louisiana. now parts of the country that are parched with drought will get some welcome rain out of
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this system up through central missouri and illinois, the bread basket. we could see scattered showers, rain we don't need but scattered showers coming in as early as our labor day. here's the trend. showers drift further. we're still dry, great start, hot and maybe a few more clouds holding temps down. showers will push east. the front dipping down, so a frontal boundary will help push that shower act in our direction by monday. hurricane kirk is to the north, not a threat to lnld, a more ominous look storm leslie. the projection is to stay in the open atlanta eke waters, be a
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storm. tonight 65, mostly clear. we stay rather mild but more humid. tomorrow 94. it will be getting hotter, hot are down the city. >> you may want to cope an eye on maryland's most powerful radar. >> thank you. whether you want to track a major storm like isaac or figure out what the weather will be like, we got you. well, this is becoming a greeing problem. we're seeing the number of
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homeless students increasing. the chesapeake dateway chamber of commerce raised funds. today the chamber presented a check to the county's new superintendent of schools. >> we have tons of students who come to us every year. it's a commitment that we got which is huge. >> and dr. dance said the school system as about 3,000 homeless students no one baltimore city school got a big boost from target. they applied for a grant awhile back and they got a check for $25,000. the school plans to use the money for new technology, books and other supplies and we'll hear more about that. the elementary is one of 100 schools across the land re
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receiving grants from target. :got a very special visit today. we had izod, indy car driver marrow yes andretti. it was part of racing for kids, a national organization that uses the popularity of racing to promote the healthcare needs of our children. all right. or we go. let's get to the see son. ravens are out there in st. louis against the rams. you will not seat starters. this is for people trying to make a job at the ravens. the raves get the home opener against the cincinnati beaning
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dpels -- bengels. consider those drug discount cards. we have the report on how you can save oar are for 30 days worth of lipitor you'll probably save $100 but if you use aarp's discount card it would be cut in half. little known prescription discount cards. they fond that you can save around 70% off the cash price if you don't have prescription coverage. she is with aaa. they're offering a discun card that saved members more than $200,000 in prescription savings. >> it can save up to 50%. >> reporter: the average savings using all five cards was 16% but
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no one card offered savings across the board. their advice compare price. get a few discount cards you qualify for and try them out. >> i think most people should probably know about it. >> drug discount cards are not the same as insurance. all right. just six minutes away from diane sawyer joining you live in tampa. stay with us. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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